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What you need to know about ShoeShoes

What you need to know
about ShoeShoes

Did you know the average shoe sole is dirtier than the average toilet seat? Check out this article to read everything you never wanted to know about your shoes, but probably should.

No one tracks in dirt and germs quite like children. From Converse caked with mud to Nikes needing washing, shoes make it hard to shoo away unpleasantries and keep floors clean. But ShoeShoes offer a fix – they are reusable, washable, fun covers that keep the indoors free of outside elements. It’s learning and living covered in wellness.

ShoeShoes are designed to last through pitter and patter – you can wash them, wear them, and reuse them over and over again. And of course, they have non-slip soles.

ShoeShoes even showcase a little foot fashion. They come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, giving kids a chance to express themselves. Children can pull them on and take them off easily, with no need to take their tennis shoes or hi-tops off.

ShoeShoes are designed by a mother-and-son team from Boulder, Colorado who know that cleanliness counts. They developed the concept in 2020 (when Yannick was in 2nd grade) to help students and teachers thrive inside healthy classrooms. But they’re not limited to learning – families also find ShoeShoes helpful in keeping homes and cars clean.

You won’t foot some giant bill with us. One of the biggest benefits of ShoeShoes is affordability. Instead of needing to buy multiple pairs of indoor shoes or slippers for growing feet, our product straddles five different sizes. If the shoe fits, wear it…… and ours will!

Everything you NEVER wanted to
know about your shoes

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