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About ShoeShoe

About ShoeShoe

ShoeShoe’s Story

ShoeShoe’s story began in 2019 when 8-year old Yannick remarked he didn’t like sitting on dirty floors in his 2nd grade classroom. His new school didn’t follow an indoor shoe policy requiring kids to trade their street shoes for indoor wear.

Without a clean shoe policy, dirt and germs from sidewalks and outdoor spaces were being tracked into the classroom. Knowing that not every school would want to require families to buy an additional pair of shoes just for school, Yannick and his mom set out to find a better solution.

It needed to be fun, practical and cost-effective … and after some brainstorming, they found the “shoe-lution” … shoe covers to slip over street shoes. While Yannick was home from school during the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, the two spent time prototyping … ShoeShoe was born.

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I am Yannick, ShoeShoe inventor and co-founder. I came up with ShoeShoe when I was in 2nd grade, because I didn’t like sitting on the classroom floor where we were all walking around with our street shoes.

Apart from being a student and an enterpreneur (I am Emperor of Marketing and Social Media at ShoeShoe), I love playing tennis and soccer. I take it very seriously and compete in both sports. In school, I like Math and Social Studides and ELA (except for reading). 

I worry about climate change and want to do my part to stop global warming, which is why we made sure ShoeShoes are reusable. 

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I am Amabel, Yannick’s mom and co-founder of ShoeShoe. This journey started as a project to keep Yannick occupied at the onset of the pandemic … but it took on a life of its own and here we are.

Other than being a parent and ShoeShoe CEO, I am a travel-lover, world citizen, and adventurer. I’ve lived in a number of places including: Austria, Ghana, Poland, and the US (San Francisco, Miami, and currently Boulder, Colorado)

I love exploring new places and cultures (some of which take their shoes off inside while others don’t) and I love adventures … like starting ShoeShoe.

The shoe-lution for cleaner spaces

Easy to slip over shoes to keep spaces (like floors and cars) free from dirt and germs. These resusable and machine-washable shoe covers are made from durable fabric and non-slip soles.

Shoe Shoe comes in fun colors and pattern

Dedicated space to write a name on the back.

Easily to slip on and take off

US Shoe Size Chart

Each ShoeShoe covers a range of 4-5 shoe sizes.


LITTLE KID 10-13.5

BIG KID 1-4.5

YOUTH/ADULT SMALL 5-8.5 (W: 6-9.5)

ADULT MEDIUM 9-12.5 (W: 10+)


Sizing is based on sneakers with regular soles. For bulky soles and boots please size up.